My name is Elizabeth (my friends call me Elle) and I'm a British American writer and content creator. I mainly write on the topics of travel, food, wellness, and fashion. I'm also a content marketing and Pinterest strategist. I'm especially passionate about the use of video and interactive media such as Story Pins and Reels.

My work has been featured in the Lonely Planet Guides App, Matador Network, Tiny Buddha, best-selling author Jeff Goins' website, Annapurna Living, Vaggablogging etc. I've also had the pleasure of being a guest lecturer (Payap University).

On my social media, I've collaborated with many businesses and destinations, including the tourism board in Thailand (TOT). I'm passionate about creating content (especially videos and photos) that highlight a business' story. My followers on both Pinterest (over 50K) and Instagram (@elizabethakelsey) are especially interested in travel, food, fashion, and wellness.

I'm also the editor/creator of Self-Care Maven, a wellness brand that has a following of over 110K on our Fanpage. SCM is the combination of two holistic health blogs I've owned and operated, and we're currently in the process of redoing our site.

More about me: I'm a grown up third culture kid that was exposed to a variety of very unique experiences when I was a child. Some of these experiences include staying at a billionaire's house in Istanbul (I'll never top that) to studying 'arch and anth' at the Oxbridge program in Oxford, and later spending time studying about in Nairobi for a summer. While I never ended up becoming and archaeologist or anthropologist, I'm still in love with the subjects.

My very unique childhood was heavily influenced by travel, food, art, and history, which impacts my work to this day.

My passions in life (besides those I just mentioned) include philosophy and video games. I also love movies and collect VHS tapes. Yes, I have a pretty diverse group of interests.